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Wonderment Of Life
The Things We Take For Granted

Most of us begin our days with a continuous list of things we need to do to keep our lives running smoothly, but we rarely take time to note all the things we don't need to do. For example, we don't need to figure out how to breathe. We don't need to find a way to make sure the earth continues to revolve around the sun. We don't need to concentrate to ensure that our heart beats and our cells regenerate. All of these things, and many more, take care of themselves without our having to think or do anything at all. This is the miracle of life on earth.

Beyond the wonder of the natural world, we have the wonder of human-created conditions such as indoor plumbing, electricity, automobiles, airplanes, telephones, and the Internet to name a few. Someone living just a hundred years ago would be overwhelmed by the ease with which we can communicate with people all over the world. Every day, millions of us jump on airplanes and fly to distant locations in a matter of hours. If we have access to a computer, we can read obscure information about any subject, free of charge, at any time of the day or night. And yet, it's only when one of these miraculous inventions fails that we notice it at all.

When you wake up tomorrow, take time to notice how many things are running smoothly, how many small miracles compose your day. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, as you put them on, take a moment to appreciate the fact that without them, you would be unable to see. Your life would be entirely different if someone hadn't invented corrective lenses. As you take in your world, you might feel a moment of gratitude for the basic fact that, once again, the sun has risen to illuminate the abundant earth, and the earth's gravitational field holds you and all that you hold dear in a tight, life-affirming embrace.

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So my job applications are turned into the Shake Shoppe, Burt's Pet Center, and Movie Gallery. The Shake Shoppe isn't hiring for another month but the cute manager said he definitely is keeping me in mind in case anything comes up, and I stood there talking to him for about 15 minutes because he kept repeating himself, haha. The movie gallery isn't hiring right now but they said that they'd keep my app on file anyway...
The most promising is the pet store from what the co-owner said, he liked my resume, and was happy that I have an open schedule. I hope I get the pet store job just because of the darn cute animals that I can play with, and I have some knowledge about different products like pet antibiotics because I've worked with them at the lab. I have a darn good resume if I may say so myself (yes yes arrogant I know) but my mother is the resume-masta, and the meeting planning I did over the summer (which was hectic but a really good job), and childcare are really well-presented in my resume, and so are my special areas of interest. *Crosses fingers*

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Sometimes I wish...

...That the extra attachments that attach themselves around our minds were non-existant and that life outside of ourselves were never thought of, nor created, nor composed. That perhaps, we should exist solely alone yet not alone. Every being would inhabit its own space or state of living. For if there was no composition of any alternative character we would be ignorant to such and free of experiencing pain through adverse attachments. Oh what would we be if it was spontaneous?!

If this were the case, I would envelop myself within the natural emotion emitted from my soul uninhibited by outside figures... and form with my soul, music that only my ears would hear... and the music would become part of me, since I would exist inherently from anyone else as anyone else would exist inherently from me. I could bond with my spontaneous action and reaction with notes and sounds and it would be beautiful.

Sometimes I just want to be in collaboration with nothing in life but the white and black keys that read me so well... that tell my story better than anyone else ever could or ever will.

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Have you guys been watching the World Cup? AHHH I'm going crazy. I've watched every game! Right now it's U.S.A & Czech and we're down 0-1 in the 26th minute. Oh God we better win. *crosses fingers*

And aside from soccer....

JUSTINE HENIN-HARDENNE & RAFAEL NADAL (my favorites) won the French Open!!!! It was amazing. Especially Nadal's game against Federer... it was fierce. :D
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I'm going through my sheet music files. I've found these so far... if you want any of the files just reply.

PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - music of the night, phantom of the opera
YANN TIERSEN - le moulin, la dispute, comptine d'un autre ete
ELTON JOHN - your song, candle in the wind
VIVALDI - autumn from 'the four seasons'
CHOPIN - waltz in c# minor, raindrop prelude
GEORGES BIZET - la toupie part I & II
BRAHMS - hungarian dance no. 1
GERSHWIN - rhapsody in blue
QUEEN - book of all songs (I think... it has a lot)
MOULIN ROUGE - come what may
SCHINDLER'S LIST - main theme
ZEPPELIN - stairway to heaven
STEPHEN DURO - jazz club piano solos (book)
LIZA MINELLI - new york new york
BEN FOLDS - brick
GUNS N ROSES - november rain

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So today was a decent day. Mom & I went to Wal-Mart (haha) and I got about 6 different facial cleansers and bought 2 bras, one a light pink the other a deep blue with lace. :D

I didn't get to play tennis because of my knees, they hurt pretty bad... and I ate a little more today but I ate pretty well...

Oat cereal, serving of nuts, small wheat bagel, wheat crackers with a really light dip, special K fruit bar, and raisins.
Then I got a lecture from mom about weight, when she has no room to talk because she was under 120 all her life... and there are photos of her where she looks anorexic. Ugh. But, at least... I wore my tightest pair of jeans today and they were loose on me, and you all know I have a fairly big arse that rivals J.Lo, and even they were loose on my arse. A couple of my favorite belts are too big for me, and I notice a big loss of fat on my lovehandles which makes me extremely excited. I'm finally gaining the muscle I had last year, back. When I flex my triceps you actually see that defined line of muscle. (from my backhands and serves in tennis I'm assuming.) so YAY!

Anyway, I'm going to the gym every morning for the rest of the week so I'll be able to get on the bikes, treadmill, and do some lifting on the machines(I'm almost up to 100lbs. with my upper body which is pretty good because I pretty much have a nonexistant upper body, haha)

I'm also going to be heading down to South Charleston, either by Wednesday or Thursday and I can't wait... I'll probably stay for the whole weekend since I miss everyone!!
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vain today.

Mutter & I have agreed that we'll both get plastic surgery on our chins (her idea) since we have the family 'chin' where if you get fat, it looks like a double chin, and it's not really that defined anyway. Then I've decided that while I'm at it, if I'm not thin I want to do lipo in my thighs, breast enhancement, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, veneers on four of my front teeth since braces never really did work for me. (Notice I dont smile very big in my photos).

Shit. I've become warped into the media.
Thank you dad for having a media job.
Thank you ANTM.
Thank you Victoria's Secret.
Thank you magazine ads.

Surgery will be my 18th birthday present (at least the chin surgery will).

Yeah and don't leave comments like 'oh youre perfect the way you are' because if I was, I would 'feel' perfect. Hmph.

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This morning I woke up to my dad yelling 'get up, get out of bed, we need to get out of the house right this second' and of course my first reaction is 'wtf? I want to sleep' but I got out of bed ran downstairs, with everyone else and went outside.... and the deal was that something was burning underneath the house. We have a crawl space thing underneath, and there are two holes in cement in the garage where a burning smoke was coming up... apparently in the walls, and so we're standing outside hoping that it doesn't start a fire up the side of the house. 911 comes, and gets down in the crawl space and figures out what has happened. it's a good thing my dad found the smell, because it could've easily started an electrical fire... what happened was our water pump somehow was burning up. so that was pretty scary.

THEN today I was out playing tennis and practicing my backhand like I usually do, so I bounce the ball forward a couple times so I can practice shuffling to the front of the court to backhand the ball, and so I get up there, and I dove for it you know, hit the ball over but I dove a little too far and I couldn't catch myself (because I had both hands on my racket) and I landed and skid about a foot... and I bloodied up both my knees really badly. Now there's lovely skid marks of my skin on the court (ew I know) and both my knees are super sore with bandages on them, and they sting really bad. The moronic thing I did, was keep playing after I did it... I played about an hour with bloody knees and pretty much that made it worse... haha. Oh well. No pain no gain right?

Damn holidays. I freaking pigged out today, but hopefully I won't have to pay for it too much. I'll just go to the gym every day this week and spend an hour on the bikes and treadmills. I love the gym... watching t.v. while you work out... takes your mind off what you're doing so you can work out that much more. 7 pounds, till the weight I was at last year. I can do it.

Happy Easter everyone. Hope yours was better than mine.
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